Chocolate: Chocolate by Zeba Kohli was her first venture into authorship. The books is a collection of simple, easy-to-make and delicious chocolate based recipes. From savouries to beverages to desserts, Chocolate features a wide-range of recipes that explore possibilities that could conventionally be termed as unfathomable when paired with chocolate, but Zeba’s tenacity and undeniable genius makes it work!
Appelicious: Zeba was responsible for launching ‘Appelicious’ – a cookbook made in collaboration with IG International and Stemilt Growers. The book features a variety of recipes where apples and chocolates are the main ingredients. With this book, Zeba wanted to emphasize on the health benefits of chocolate and how the ingredient can be healthy if used right.
Chocolate Cookbook with Cadbury:  Written in collaboration with Cadbury’s, Chocolate Cookbook features 70 recipes crafted exclusively by Zeba Kohli to celebrate Cadbury’s 70 year tenure in India. The recipes are easy to make and utilize trademark items like the Dairy Milk Spready.