Mango Passion Recipe

Makes: Approx 900 gm
Time required: Approx 1 hour

Ingredients at room temperature :

  • 100 gms mango puree 
  • 100 gms fresh cream
  • 200 gms melted & Tempered Milk Chocolate for the centre            
  • 500 gm melted & Tempered Dark Chocolate for the hollow shells 
  • 50 gm roasted Pistachio                            
  • 2-3 Chocolate moulds

Method : 

  • Mix mango purée & fresh cream till smooth. Slowly add in the milk chocolate, constantly Mixing it in till it becomes an aromatic smooth ganache put in a piping bag

Pour melted & tempered dark choc in a mould with cup shaped cavities. Tap mould then turn upside down on a tray till excess choc falls out

  • Collect choc & repeat with all moulds 
  • Put mould in refrigerator 25 minutes 
  • Tap out hollow moulds,
  • Pipe in mango ganache & sprinkle pistachios on top 

Special Note: 

  • Always work with chocolates in a cool & dry AC environment. 
  • All tools , moulds & ingredients should be at room temperature. 
  • The refrigerator should not have any open foods & odours in it as chocolates are porous & will absorb aromas. 
  • You can substitute the milk chocolate with white chocolate if you desire.

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