How to keep yourself Healthy in monsoon

Step into a world where raindrops serenade your senses, and the aroma of steaming soups dances in the air – it’s the enchanting monsoon season! As we embrace the symphony of nature’s melody, let’s unravel five precious secrets that will keep you glowing, thriving, and indulging sensibly in this rain-kissed journey. 

Greetings, enchanting souls! Zeba Kohli here, eager to share with you a handful of valuable tips for maintaining robust health throughout the mesmerising monsoon season. As a firm believer in the magic of creativity and all things delightful, let’s embark on this journey together, shall we? 


Imagine this: raindrops pirouetting on your windowpane, a steaming cup of revitalising herbal tea cradled in your hands, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and thick chunky whole some soups enveloping you. The monsoon season—a time of rejuvenating change and heartwarming comforts. Yet, amidst the splendour, an extra measure of care is in order. Allow me to unveil five precious gems to illuminate your well-being during this season of rain-kissed dreams. 

First and foremost, let’s delve into the art of boosting your immune system—a task of utmost importance during the monsoons. This delightful season may usher in unwelcome guests, but fear not! By inviting immune-boosting heroes such as zesty oranges, vibrant lemons, and the dynamic duo of garlic and ginger to your table, you’re equipping your body to repel any unwanted invaders and remain as vibrant as a monsoon rainbow. 

Now, let’s address the essential matter of hydration. Ah, hydration !  water the elixir of life! Amidst the symphony of raindrops, it’s crucial to remember that your body craves hydration. Picture each sip of clean water as a harmonious note in nature’s symphony, quenching your body’s thirst and nurturing your vitality. Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of herbal teas, freshly ground kadas and indulge in soul-nourishing soups, and savour the refreshing dance of fruit juices.

Ah, mindful eating—a cherished practice that resonates deeply with my culinary heart. Amidst the monsoon’s embrace, let’s gracefully slow down and savour every morsel as if it were a fleeting raindrop. Chew, my dear friends, for in mindful chewing lies the secret to enhanced digestion and a more profound connection with your body’s needs. Embrace mindful eating as you would a tranquil monsoon drizzle, allowing each bite to nourish your body and soul. 

Now, let’s journey through the culinary wonderland that the monsoons offer. During this season, opt for nutrient-rich, easily digestible treasures that your body will adore. Think whole grains, lean proteins, and a vibrant palette of vegetables. Bid adieu to heavy, fried temptations that may weigh you down like a rain-soaked umbrella. Instead, relish the simplicity of clear soups, the nourishment of steamed vegetables, and the delightful flavours of grilled proteins. Your taste buds and your tummy will both applaud your wise choices and prepare your body for the Diwali and wedding season round the corner.

Ah, the twin companions of hygiene and food safety—a steadfast shield against the challenges of the rainy season. The monsoon’s embrace can provide a fertile breeding ground for unwelcome bacteria and germs, but through diligence, we can thwart their advances. Before you partake in your nourishing feasts, take a moment to cleanse your hands, just as the rain cleanses the earth. Pay careful attention to your fruits and vegetables, ensuring they’re lovingly cleansed before gracing your plate. And, as tempting as street food may be, exercise restraint, favouring the safety of well-prepared home-cooked meals and source ingredients from farm to table. 

Now, let’s unveil the art of gastronomic indulgence during this wondrous season. Envision warming your spirit and physique with invigorating herbal teas and comforting soups. Embrace the bounty of seasonal treasures like the humble pomegranate and the soothing apple, brimming with vitamins and vitality. And let us not forget our faithful companions fresh and home ground  spices! A sprinkle of ginger, a dash of turmeric, and a pinch of pepper can transform your meals into veritable health elixirs, evoking the very essence of the monsoon’s rejuvenating touch. 

However, remember, dear friends, that moderation is the key to the symphony of balance. As we luxuriate in the delectable treats of the season, let’s relish each moment and each morsel with grace and discernment. Delight in your favourite snacks, but let prudence and moderation be your trusted guides on this gastronomic journey. 


In closing, let’s embrace the monsoon’s tender caress while nurturing our well-being with intention and care. By fortifying our immunity, embracing mindful eating, and celebrating the bounty of nutrient-rich delicacies, we can navigate this season with vigour and vibrancy. Always remember, your health is your most exquisite masterpiece, and through these five gems, you’re crafting a canvas of well-being as captivating as a monsoon’s enchanting dance. Stay radiant, stay healthy, and let’s revel in the monsoon’s magic together!

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